Behind the Brush - Artist Statement by Kathleen Lota

The brush made me do it. It made me want to explore, to investigate, to find a way to let the depth of my heart and mind shine outwards. To find a way to bring color to a world that can often be so dark. It invited me in, it let me be free, it let me be me and I will forever be grateful.

My art is a constant exploration of color. Color is such a powerful entity but the impact it has on each person can vary widely. My latest works are influenced by my profession. As a designer, I’ve always had a love of typography. Type and color connect us all. They are a constant in everyone's lives and yet we each have different associations with them. Blue may make you think of the sky but for me, it could be a scarf my grandmother wore when I was a child. Certain letters or numbers have specific meanings to us–our initials or our lucky numbers, etc. My interest is in exposing what we see every day in a big, bold and new way.